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Misty 3 years ago
I keep coming back to this to get off, I was that super young babysitter that was fucked for years by by a couple, it was the mom who seduced me, I was eaten out by a woman before I ever had a cock, went on for 4 years. I know now it was "rape", but all my firsts were with them and it was with love. dont regret a thing. Im 22 now and wish they still wanted me, i got to old for them.
Molly 6 years ago
I want to have a three some me my husband and who ever else wants i live in south texas any takers
Eat my dick 7 years ago
Why can't we fuck in open. We should be bold and fuck even in a everyone's presence.
always nasty 7 years ago
Their such a lucky couple, along with the variety of willing baby sitters.
George 6 years ago
Girl-babysitter often becomes like some specific part of family - why she can't become (also specific!) part of sexual life within family? Many variants are possible except of hidden sex with daddy. But in friendly trio with him and his wife - why not! If girl follows to simple regulations and understands her role to increase sexual feelings of wife and husband first, she'll also get her portion of good fuck and even sperm - and keeps her strong positions in this family.
Fuck me now 7 years ago
Anybody willing 2 fuck me now.
Bgdk4moms 2 years ago
When I was 17 the lady across the street asked if I would watch her son and when she came home she said give me ahminute and I'll pay you and when she came back she was wearing a see through nightgown and I could see her huge titties and hairy pussy then let them fall out when she bent over in front of me
Maine slut 2 years ago
I would love a older couple or man to do this to me
3 years ago
I wanna suck his cock for the babysitter
2 years ago
I want to get a babysitter job now