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Slutpaula 4 years ago
I have been fucking my brother and his friends since high school, never regretted letting him cum in me.
3 hole slut 3 years ago
I went out for drinks with my brother at his friends house. 7 guys, I was the only slut there. We played truth or dare and I was dared to suck my brother's cock. We ended up fucking while they watched and then joined in. All that raw cock and cum had me so hot. I love my brother's cock.
Randy 3 years ago
our parents went away and me and my sister, only just over a year difference, we had a party and found out she got gangbanged by some of guys from school. Next day was so mad but she said I was only bad because I didnt get to fuck her. she sucked me and I fucked her, from then on I fucked her until I left for the military.
Slut 6 years ago
That's a good WHORE. Let your brother see you taking all those cocks and cum. Sure one of them got you pregnant or if you got lucky maybe your brother got you pregnant.
jaat143 7 years ago
Nice, I wanna eat her cum filled pussy after they are all done fucking her. Jeff
Paula 3 years ago
I never had sex or really anything with my brother, but I was fucked by two of his friends while he watched and jacked off. once on himself and once on me. never did it again, at the time if would have wanted more I would have, glad now he did not
sean 6 years ago
She's one hot sister who can do it all.
Good job boy's,but she stole the show,and your cum.
A real little hotty to go with it too.
1 year ago
Took a years time, but got my daughter where she'll take 2 dicks at a time. I couldn't help but lick a load of cum off her stomach. Nothing better then watching her hairless pussy get wrecked.
Tom 2 years ago
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3 years ago
Who is this girl? She is in a lot of movies in this series.